Does this sound familiar?

You walk into the mall and you notice your favourite store changed its display, so you decide to check it out.
As you enter, you see those “trending” shoes, you know, the ones that are perfect for fall that everyone can’t get enough of.
You think:
I want it

Then there’s the bag you’ve been dreaming of for months.
You think:
I want it

You finally make it to the checkout and notice the cashier’s earrings -the green eyed monster thinks:
I want it

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself in this situation when I’m not being mindful during a shopping excursion.
I don’t recommend shopping due to boredom or to pass time.
That’s a no-no.
I even use this guilty phrase when I have a BAD craving to shop:
“ I feel so bad, but I want this”.sigh


I’ve learned to slow down and I try to be more intentional about my purchases. I save money shopping, so I can do other awesome things! The new or latest items, are not all that important anyway..

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1. Create A Budget

No, you cannot skip this major first step.
Without a budget you will fall back into old habits, faster than you can say Gucci.

Create a monthly budget or
Set a budget before your shopping trip.

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2. Set A Time Limit

We all love to browse, window shop, wander and get lost in a lovely store ; especially when the aesthetic is on point. However, it’s a deadly move. You will grab everything shiny and slightly interesting, just because..

Give yourself a time limit.
30 mins to start, maybe?

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3. Shop End of Seasons

I know what you’re probably thinking: “I don’t need a tank top in September or those cute espadrilles sandals”.

Slow your roll- the best time to shop is in advance.
You can find items 50-90% off the regular price.
Get it now for 20$, store it and move on.

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4. Go Thrifting

Thrift stores hold the real treasures to fashion, one of a kind pieces, vintage finds, never-seen before patterns and more! MUCH MUCH MORE

I had a friend, who once found the most stunning vintage velvet Tommy Hilfiger blouse for 5$.
Lucky, right?

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5. Don’t Buy For
One-Day Events

Your wedding might be the only exception, for buying an expensive dress you’ll only wear once.
Why not rent an outfit, instead?

Fashion Fresh Library
FitzRoy Rentals
offer this service.

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6. Shop Overseas

Buying clothes overseas, in China specifically, can save 100$ and more, easily.

The quality is sometimes cheaper or low grad, but I’ve had nothing but good luck when I research an item before I buy.




7. Use Codes/ Coupons

Before you decide to shop online, search for promotional codes. If there are no codes, rethink your purchase.

You can use these websites:
* RetailmeNot
* CouponCabin
* Ebates
* Groupon

I also have Honey plugin on my browser.
It searches the web for codes and adds coupons every time you shop online.

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8. Sales Only

A guarantee way to save money; is to only shop the sales rack. I did this before my 4 month trip to Italy and saved so much. I highly recommend this, just remember to check for holes or stains.

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8. Shop Men

At times, I really like to shop the men’s section of clothing stores.

Men sections are sometimes cheaper, but they always have a sales rack and unique finds. You can’t go wrong (except for sizing).

Try it.

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9. Bring A Friend

Bring your best friend or someone sensible to be your backbone. It’s nice to have someone you trust, tell you when you need to drop the shoes and walk away!

Do not bring a shopaholic or a friend who likes to see you spend.

I guarantee that you’ll save money with these tips!
No one loves the hunt, chase and to save more than me.
But, if that’s you let me know in the comments?
What is your best frugal find?