I’ve noticed that since I started ICOCO there has been many hello’s, goodbyes and “Wait a minute, I’m updating” scenarios on the blog . Starting a business and creating a brand has been such a journey so far. I’ll be very honest and tell you that it is lonely, frustrating and a draining experience. However, I realize that I cannot do this alone! As much as I believe that I can do everything, without the help of others - I can’t. I’m not wonder woman or at least, not all the time. If I’m not willing to ask for help, I need to step back and take it easy. Nonetheless, entrepreneurship is an experience of a lifetime, one that changes you forever.

I decided to take a much needed departure from social media, in order to focus on my first product launch and the kind of content I want to create from now on. I deleted Instagram and automatically felt free! Isn’t that crazy? A silly little app disappearing from my phone, gave me freedom. I was tired of feeling that I wasn’t doing enough and that I should be showcasing more and more and more.
- Yes, this is the long term effects of social media whether you realize it or not.

kerryann icoco yellow outfit

So, I think it’s obvious why I created ICOCO ( my passion for fashion), but there’s more to my brand than an obsession for clothes. I was tired of discovering great fashion posts that catered to a budget well above my own! There aren’t many resources dedicated to luxury style on an affordable budget and it really bothers me. People often ask me, “Where do you shop”, “How do you afford your clothes”, “That looks expensive” - but in reality I’m just a super wise shopper with a great eye!


Fashion allows me to express my thoughts, feelings and emotions without saying a word. Sometimes I’m misunderstood by others, but it’s very clear what is important to me. I am powerful, confident and unstoppable in an outfit that is ME. I believe that when you start your day feeling amazing, it leads to astonishing actions and thus a pretty spectacular day.
I want ALL my readers to discover their personal sense of style and use it to their advantage, because if you don’t feel good on the inside you’ll never find the confidence to feel good in this world.

kerryann icoco gingham dress

On ICOCO you will find well-thought out resources and inspirations to affordable luxury fashion, such as tips on saving whilst shopping. I’ve included information on discovering personal style, along with the power of fashion psychology within our lifestyles.

I have an exclusive line of handmade original fine jewelry and accessories that will speak to your inner fashionista.
You can shop my line here https://www.icoco.ca/shop + it’s affordable!
Lastly, I have a YouTube channel dedicated to my love of psychology and series on becoming a GIRL boss - stay tuned.

I am confident.
I am fierce.
I am powerful.
I am wise.
I am luxury.
I am budget-friendly.
I don’t need a big budget to look chic - I am chic.
I start my day feeling amazing, therefore I am amazing.

- and of course, that means you too!

Kerry-Ann Daley