Fall Fashion That Girls Are Definitely Wearing In 2019


What do trends and occasions like birthdays have in common?
They’re exciting, different, occur annually and offer as much stress as they do excitement. It’s all fun and games until it’s not.

If you’re here, you want to know the must-haves of the season, what to wear, where to buy and if anything on that trending list actually matches your style. I get it, it’s not the most vital thing in the world to know. Who cares what handbag has the fashion industry going crazy? But for fashionistas and style queens everywhere- it’s pretty significant.

Now that we’re in fashion month it really feels like fall is coming and not surprisingly, trends are dropping like it’s H.O.T! So, instead of bombarding yourself with crazy lists and over-the-top items, why not discover what fashion girls are actually wearing this fall season.

I asked a few stylish girls what fall trends are being loved, worn and bought in 2019.
Find out below.


“I think accessories that are trending are all quite chic and fab. I’m loving structured bags [and] headbands, with pearls are to die for. It’s all about little bags, headbands, necklaces, and bows”

”I love the fall trends of this year [and] I’m excited to participate, which doesn’t happen often. Expanding on fall trends, I think my favourite is the leather everything trend”.
- Malgosia Wenderski

Friday by JW PEI  Top Handle Bag ($59.00)

Friday by JW PEI Top Handle Bag ($59.00)

ASOS  Padded Headband ($16.83)

ASOS Padded Headband ($16.83)

River Island  Leather Pleated Skirt ($95.00)

River Island Leather Pleated Skirt ($95.00)


“I think every girl needs to have a collection of statement-making boots in their wardrobe. I recently got a new pair of white booties that I can’t wait to pull out. My friends and family can tell you that I have [a thing] for booties”.

"My go-to staples for fall are turtlenecks and high neck tops, especially textured ones”.
- Naomi Parris

Dr. Marten  Boots ($170.00)

Dr. Marten Boots ($170.00)

Sam Edelman  Knee High Boots ($139.000

Sam Edelman Knee High Boots ($139.000

Anthropologie  High Neck Top ($88.00)

Anthropologie High Neck Top ($88.00)

Zoe Bortz.jpg

“I personally am a huge fan of mid-length dresses and knee-high boots. I feel like it’s a constant staple and currently a big trend”.

”I’m not really one to follow exact trends, obviously when they pop up I get to take a peak. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve [found] my own rhythm of what I like and don’t like”.
-Zoe Bortz

MissGuided  Mid Length Dress ($58.00)

MissGuided Mid Length Dress ($58.00)

Urban Outfitters  Plaid Midi Dress ($84.00)

Urban Outfitters Plaid Midi Dress ($84.00)

Halogen  V-neck Cardigan ($57.54)

Halogen V-neck Cardigan ($57.54)


“Last year I thrifted a pink textured coat and it’s been a great statement piece to elevate any look. I’m a very off-trend person, I fell in love with teddy coats a couple [of] years back, when they were not in trend. I love the coziness it brings to any fall look.”.
-Nannan Wan

Daisy Street  Oversized Jacket ($84.00)

Daisy Street Oversized Jacket ($84.00)

Mango  Mini Skirt ($69.00)

Mango Mini Skirt ($69.00)